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Hi everyone. This is Skalon.
I’ve been listening to music for 30 years and collected quite a few great albums to share. Yep, I’m from the album listening generation.
I’ll be glad if some tunes get their way into your heart. Cheers.

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Jan 1, 1 - Dec 31, 3999
Consumed In Key — Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales
The motto of minimalism is “less is more”: a radical restriction of expressive means generates a more interesting result.
A classic example of minimalism in electronic music is the ascetic electronic shamanism of Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman. He's one of the founders of minimal techno, and his 1998 album Consumed is a genre-defining classic.
It was all the more unexpected to encounter its jazz reinterpretation.
It might seem sacrilegious to add details to an icon of minimalism, but the result of the experiment resonated with me so much that it has become one of my most listened-to albums in the past six months.
The restrained yet expressive jazz piano lent a completely new hue to the barren electronic landscape.
Gentle and slightly naive in their seemingly simple jazz standards atop the dark, hypnotic foundation of heavy bass drums and acidic layers of synth pads, they combine like refined lyrical iamb with the image of a grim and introverted poet, tightly buttoned up in black clothes.
Despite the stark contrast, the conflict of these elements creates a new balance. Harmonizing in their minimalism, they evoke a sense of introverted dreaminess, a pure and sincere aspiration for beauty.
Considering that in recent years I've moved away from most radical forms of minimalism, and classic Plastikman seems a bit dry to me, I find this album very cohesive and profound. I hope you'll enjoy it too.
Genres: Techno, Jazz
Tags: Minimalism, Jazz
Bucky — Had to Leave
Being quite a cheerful person, I nevertheless listen to a lot of sad music. Probably for balance.
Today in Saigon, the weather is rainy, and I'm sitting in a cafe listening to this track, watching the reflections of headlights passing by on the wet asphalt outside.
Bucky is an excellent representative of the future garage genre (the founder of the genre is considered to be Burial — I'll write about him later): the characteristic broken, skipping beat and fat angry bass are combined with atmospheric keyboards and angelic vocals. It is precisely the combination of aggressive beats and bass with enveloping atmosphere and sublime voices that creates the characteristic feeling of euphoric flight for this musical direction.
I've loved this genre for a long time, but for some reason, I rarely come across really interesting representatives. I heard this album last year, and it is now firmly associated with solo travel to unfamiliar cities. A mixture of bright sadness, anticipation, and a sense of adventure.
I recommend it to all introverts.
If you decide to listen, turn on this track in good headphones, walking around the evening city. It will be especially nice if you have recently arrived in this city, do not know how long you will stay in it, and what will be the next point of the route.
Genres: Future Garage
Tags: Atmospheric, Moody
The Embassadors — Healing the Music
Exotic and exquisite music for a refined cocktail experience in a wannabe haute cuisine bar
At least I would like to characterize this album that way.
Once I watched a video about a Japanese man who runs a listening bar in Tokyo: a place where people come not only to drink and eat, but also to listen to great music. There is a super geeky audiophile system, no signboard, and guests are united by the host's musical taste.
I immediately understood that this is my dream. I hope that in 10 years I will have such a bar, I will come to it on Friday evening to fry burgers or steaks for people and mix cocktails to great music.
I even have a list of what will be in this bar.
This album was one of the first I included in the "golden playlist" of my future bar.
The Embassadors — Healing the Music is a joint album of a German jazz ensemble with an African singer who sings songs in Swahili.
Known participants here are Hayden Chisholm (avant-garde clarinetist) and Burnt Friedmann (cool electronic musician).”
Genres: World, Jazz
Tags: Unusual vocals
East of Oceans — Broken Seas EP
Not sure if there are many fans of this kind of music, but personally, I've listened this album to a frazzle over the past year and a half, so I have to share it.
It will appeal to jungle/DnB fans who know a thing or two about euphoric introverted music. Some tracks are heart-wrenching. Those who know about euphoria will appreciate it.
By the way, the performer is the same guy as bvdub — a very atmospheric and enveloping ambient made of a huge number of layers.
Genres: Jungle, Drum-n-bass
Tags: Atmospheric
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